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arthodopa cover_v5.png

The Arthropoda book can also be purchased in PDF format.


($11.07 / €9.19)

Here are the free Mp3s to go with the pieces.


I'm pleased to announce a new book of my own ukulele compositions, published by TUBS (The Ukulele Bookshop). The book is available in both pdf and printed book format.

The pieces are generally quite easy to play and there is a Youtube playlist of them all to be found on the link below:

Thank you to Choan Galvez at TUBS who offered to publish the book, to Andrea Lucio, the talented artist who created the front cover and to everyone who has encouraged and supported me. Thanks too to The Ukulele Magazine for printing one of the pieces in the September 2023 edition. 

The links below take you directly to TUBS.


Eleven Christmas Carols for ukulele

Ukulele (1).png

These familiar Christmas carols are arranged for solo ukulele with my own variations, all written in both TAB and notation. All pieces have left hand fingering suggestions and are found on a Youtube playlist here.


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