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I started as a 'strummer' but soon got bored. I was amazed by classical and flamenco guitar playing and had to find someone to teach me. I have had some world class teachers in my time including Juan Martin and Gary Ryan.

I love the sound of all stringed instruments. As well as guitar, I play mandolin, banjo, ukulele, lute and oud.


In 2012, I arranged some lute music for ukulele and sent off some examples to an American publisher. 'From Lute to Uke' was the result which has currently 40 + five star reviews on

'The Baroque Ukulele' and 'The Romantic Ukulele' followed on from the first book and CD and now all three are selling well.

I had a great banjo teacher to get me going on this fabulous instrument. I have followed my love of various styles of playing through lots of different resources. I can definitely help a beginner or intermediate player get on the right track.


I passed Grade 8 steel string guitar with the RGT (Registry of Guitar Teachers) syllabus and teach this style of playing through the RGT books but also Bluegrass style.

I have worked with the American composer, Jim Beloff on his two excellent ukulele concertos.. He asked me to put the solo ukulele part into TAB for publication along with the orchestral score. You can listen to these concertos on youtube. These are: 'Uke Can't be Serious' and 'The Dove Tale'.

I was the editor for Play Guitar with Milos (books 1 & 2) published by Schott.

I have  recorded a CD to go with a book that Paul Mansell and myself have put together. This book is published by Kevin Mayhew in 2020 and represents perhaps the first book of ukulele duets to be published.

For several years now, I have been learning oud, lute and piano with expert teachers and performers. I absolutely love learning new instruments. There is so much to music, different styles and different cultures that I have not been able to limit myself to just one instrument.

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