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Ukulele, Banjo, Guitar Teacher

Zoom or Skype lessons available

And in-person lessons in East Sussex - 01892 660172

My name is Tony Mizen. I'm a professional classical guitar, ukulele and banjo teacher, performer & author based in Crowborough, East Sussex.  I was the first person in the UK to have passed the AVCM Honours Diploma in ukulele. I have grade 8 in classical guitar, ukulele and steel string guitar as well as the LLCM performer's diploma and Trinity Performers' Certificate in classical guitar. Gary Ryan was my teacher for several years. 

My interest is in playing and teaching the guitar and the ukulele as a solo instrument, whether that be classical, blues or solo song arrangements. I don't teach chord strumming to accompany the voice. A book or the internet can provide this for little or no cost. 


In addition I have a BSc.(Hons) degree and have qualified teacher status with a Cert Ed.  I teach classical guitar & ukulele to diploma level. I teach banjo for enjoyment and I am familiar with all the different styles. I have played flamenco guitar for many years, taught by the famous Juan Martin.


I have three published books,  'From Lute to Uke', 'Baroque Ukulele' and 'The Romantic Ukulele' - all published by Flea Market Music in the U.S.A. I have also had published a collection of my own ukulele pieces entitled 'Arthropoda' as well as a book of duets co-authored with Paul Mansell. I have over 25 years experience of teaching the guitar and ukulele.

I am happy to help you take exams and grades with any of the exam boards. 

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30 minutes

60 minutes

Guitar, ukulele or banjo


Guitar, ukulele or banjo


If you would like to book a lesson, click here to




'I always looked forward to my lessons with Tony because he was a great teacher who you could be comfortable around and if ever I was stuck, I knew he would help. He was very committed to making sure I was confident and prepared for performing and in my grade exams. I wish I could've carried on my lessons with him but I moved to London to study at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance to study for a degree in classical guitar performance. He helped me be the musician I am today and would recommend him to anyone who would want a guitar lesson from beginners to advanced students. '

'Tony Mizen has been teaching my daughter, Kitty, guitar since the age of 5 to beyond grade 8. He has always been an inspiration to her - so much so that even when she moved schools she insisted on continuing lessons with Mr Mizen at the weekends rather than go to the teacher at the new school. She always looks forward to her lessons and feels that she has learnt something new every time'


Mrs Lundberg

'Tony, Can't thank you enough for all your tuition over the years. It was the quality of your teaching that kept the boys going when tasked with difficult new tunes to learn. It's hard to imagine that Harry was just eight when he started and has now achieved grade 8. Two very different boys, but both have thoroughly enjoyed your lessons... 

I can't tell you how pleased I am about how much Guy is enjoying the guitar. In an age of screen time it is wonderful to have a diversion that he enjoys so much, with the added bonus it is giving him a real sense of achievement and we enjoy listening!'

Mrs R Morgan


Thank you very much for teaching me for yet another year. I really enjoy your company as well as looking forward to your lessons. They are often the highlight of my week. I have really improved on guitar and I can only thank you for that. P.S. Sorry about the handwriting. I'm using a bad pen.


'Josh has enjoyed his lessons so much this term. Today’s lesson was the best bit of his whole day. Kind regards, Sarah'

Mrs C Kirkman

'Hi Tony
I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time with Sofia on Friday. She came home full of excitement and animation about her lesson and is excited to learn.'

Maureen Krislov

(Los Angeles, CA)

'I have been taking lessons in Uke for 3 years.  I stumbled across your book, the romantic ukulele on Amazon.  I currently take lessons solely using your book.  This has elevated me to a whole new level.  I am now at an intermediate level.   I just wanted to say Thankyou for this inspirational book.  It has prompted me to now study music theory and study piano.  So every song, I am learning each piece in Uke and piano.

Thankyou so much'

Hi Tony,


Oh my goodness, William absolutely adored his guitar lesson.  He's been playing all weekend, and has taken it to school today, although I tried my very best to tell him that his lesson wasn't until Friday!


If he continues with this much enthusiasm, could you let me know what size and brand of guitar would be best for him?


Best wishes,



Mrs C McDonald

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